Dragon King Medicated Plaster

Extra Cool & Extra Warm / 10 Times Fast-Acting / Long-Lasting
Royal Traditional Thai Medicine, Patented Pure Herbal Prescription
Transdermal Hydrogel Delivery Technology
Fast Absorption, Instant Relief
High Quality and Effective Remedy

龍王水溶性凝膠痠痛藥用貼布 Dragon King Medicated Plaster

Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, the personal doctor of the Lord Buddha, has long been revered as the Father of Medicine in Thailand. According to historical legend, his vast knowledge of medicine was first brought into Thailand by missionary monks, then through centuries of royal refinement, evolved into the unique Traditional Thai Medicine known throughout the world today. Dragon King Medicated Plaster was developed using a thorough understanding of this ancient knowledge of herbal medicine combined with modern research done at a GMP compliant facility to create a highly advanced hydrogel polymolecular matrix coated medicated plaster. The transdermal hydrogel delivery technology improves absorption of the active ingredients from the plaster into the skin, increasing the effectiveness of the dosage to rapidly reduce inflammation, decrease muscle fatigue, remediate chronic pain, improving blood circulation, and provide gentle muscle massage. Additionally, the hydrogel based medication lessens skin irritation and stickiness caused by low quality oil based plasters in the hot and humid Asian weather. Dragon King Medicated Plaster is effective, comfortable, and convenient. A product loved and treasured by families all over the country.

龍王水溶性凝膠痠痛藥用貼布 Dragon King Medicated Plaster

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