Dragon King Medicated Plaster
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龍王水溶性凝膠痠痛藥用貼布 Dragon King Medicated Plaster 水溶性凝膠 Hydrogel

Advanced Hydrogel Polymolecular Matrix is a skin-irritant free water based superconducting compound. The hydrogel matrix keeps the skin moisturized while at the same time keeping the skin dry by letting air through. The highly stretchable non-woven fabric backside of the plaster keeps the hydrogel compound bonded, preventing residue on the skin, body hair, or clothing when the plaster is removed. The hydrogel matrix does not cause itching or dermatitis and is long lasting. Dragon King Medicated Plaster is highly suitable for people will irritable skin or itchy skin caused by other plasters.

Friendly reminder:

Medicated plasters are generally available in two types: oil based and water based.

Oil based plasters are self-sticking and are far cheaper to produce. However, the medication lasts shorter and less medication is released from the plaster. Oil based plasters are often made from tree resin that can cause skin irritation, thus they are not recommended for people with delicate and sensitive skin, or elderly people with wrinkled  skin.

龍王水溶性凝膠痠痛藥用貼布 Dragon King Medicated Plaster

Extra Cool & Extra Warm / 10 Times Fast-Acting / Long-Lasting
Royal Traditional Thai Medicine, Patented Pure Herbal Prescription
Transdermal Hydrogel Delivery Technology
A Heartwarming Gift or Your Family or Yourself
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