Royal Traditional Thai Medicine
Patented Pure Herbal Prescription

The effectiveness of medicated plasters lies within the secret of the active ingredients. Dragon King Medicated Plaster contains 16 (Extra Cool) or 17 (Extra Warm) listed active ingredients. Combining the strengths of Royal Traditional Thai Medicine with advanced transdermal hydrogel delivery technology, resulting in a product with fast absorption and instant relief for muscle pains and aches. The slow release mechanism of the hydrogel means the effects of the medication can be felt faster, while lasting longer compared to typical products containing between three to five active ingredients. Additionally, Dragon King Medicated Plaster does not contain opioids, steroids, or other heavy metals. Total quality assurance and peace of mind guaranteed.

龍王水溶性凝膠痠痛藥用貼布 Dragon King Medicated Plaster

龍王水溶性凝膠痠痛藥用貼布 Dragon King Medicated Plaster

Friendly reminder:

Typical medicated plasters based on western medicine use steroids or NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) as active ingredients. Prolonged use may cause severe and often harmful side effects to the body.