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Fair Trade

An ancient Chinese proverb states “To the people, food is heaven.” Indeed, no matter rich or poor, everyone deserves Mother Earth’s blessings for an ideal living environment with abundant and diverse food in order to thrive and flourish and care for the next generation.

Health Green Co., Ltd. strongly supports the fair trade ideology and we would like to prove our words with our actions. Fair trade promotes sustainable development, tackles issues with global trading, and attempts to offer better trading conditions for farmers. At Health Green, we source fresh fruits directly from our farmer partners without going through questionable layers of wholesalers and distributors that often try to strip farmers of their rights and profits. We are able to support our partners with the best prices and at the same time provide our customers with the freshest fruits.

We strongly believe in ethical trading and community supported agriculture to achieve higher social and environmental standards. We would like to show the true value of our business and set an example of how to conduct an honorable and ethical business. Taiwan has always been known as the Kingdom of Fruits, and we would like support Taiwanese fruit farmers and bring the best of the Taiwanese fruits and products to our customers around the world.

Health Green – we support fair, sincere, and benevolent trading with our farmer partners.
Dear Customers – we would like to thank you for supporting us and our partners.
Let us become better together.