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Golden Oligo Low Temperature Zephyr Advance Intelligent Dehydration Technology

✅ Community supported agriculture and fair trade to assure highest quality fresh fruits directly from the source. Rest assured our fruits are pesticide residue free.

✅ Active preservation technology to deliver fresh fruits directly to our factories ensures freshness. Every lot includes detailed production records and individual barcoded traceability to ensure quality and safety.

✅ Multiple regional refrigerated warehouses to centralize and standardize delivery, packing, and packaging.

✅ Food hygiene grade clean room with temperature and humidity control to ensure no oxidation or contamination can happen to our products. All storage, sterilization, and shipment are strictly controlled.

✅ Fully computerized production monitoring process and Zephyr Advance Intelligent Dehydration Technology ensure the fresh fruits’ color, smell, taste, and all the natural nutrients are fully preserved, as a comprehensive measure to improve product quality.

✅ Our factory is ISO 22000 and HACCP certified with strictest operating procedures for food safety management. We are committed to these standards to ensure our products are healthy, nutritious, delicious, natural, and additive-free. Total quality and peace of mind is guaranteed.

health green magic fruits 健康綠 魔術水果 青木瓜 鳳梨 芒果 萊姆 果寡糖 酵素 果乾 豐胸 通乳 通便 美容 營養品World class management and standard operating procedures effectively reduces costs to benefit consumers directly. No artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, preservatives, artificial flavors, no baking or deep frying processes that damage nutrients. We’re proud to say our products are healthy, natural, nutritious, and additive-free, and we can back our claims with reputation and credibility.

Features and Benefits

✅ Keeping it Fresh, Keeping the Quality

Our proprietary process retains the delicious freshness of fruits and vegetables while enhancing the taste, texture, and nutritional values.

✅ Double the Nutrition and Healthiness

Our proprietary Zephyr Advance Intelligent Dehydration Technology concentrates the essences of nutrients, enzymes, dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals found in fresh fruits and vegetables into our products. The technology is a natural and clean manufacturing process that’s able to maximize the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables.

✅ 100% Natural and Additive-Free

From production to the final product. We insist on being purely natural. Absolute no preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, or any other artificial chemical additives.

✅ Pesticide Residue Free

Our products are certified pesticide residue free. We are concerned with the health of our customers and would like to protect your rights, health, and safety.

✅ No Baking Process

Zephyr Advance Intelligent Dehydration Technology utilized fully automated monitoring systems to ensure all nutrients as well as the natural flavors of the fruits are kept intact. Absolutely no baking processes that damages nutrients are involved.

✅ Not Deep Fried

Typical fried foods such as crisps have little nutritional value and no antioxidant properties. Such foods can lead to obesity, as well as oil and full of calories. Fried foods are also harder to be absorbed by the body, leading to discomfort and may even cause cancer.

✅ Highest Production Quality

Fully computerized and automated production processes that are programmed according to each fruit or vegetable’s individual characteristics. Our production process can be fully customized to reduce length of manufacturing and our products have long shelf life at room temperature while being 100% natural and contains no preservatives. Both our production process and storage conditions are at the highest quality while being environmentally friendly.

✅ Convenient

Our products are highly suitable for the frantic lifestyle of the modern man who are always busy and yet are constantly trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Our products are portable and easy to eat anytime anywhere.